Why use Fly

Why use Fly?

Worship Leaders! - No band? No problem!

If you are a worship leader struggling with too few band members or need help to pull off some of the more anthemic worship songs we love, Fly is your solution!

Fly is the original and best Virtual Band software designed specifically with Worship leaders in mind. Simple, but with huge power that no other band software can match.

Take your congregational worship to another level with Fly!

Great features include

  • Huge song library
  • Subscription - The low cost way to access all our tracks! 
  • Optional Apps - Virtual pedal with lyrics and chords!
  • Custom arrangements - Customise the song arrangement to suit you
  • Custom band setup - drop out the instruments you don’t want
  • Pitch and tempo shift.
  • Built in lyric projection with video backgrounds! 

Fly has many other features that set it apart from the competition: 

Our goal

We are dedicated to providing tools to the Church to enhance and enable the use of songs that can be challenging when you have a small or incomplete worship team. Some popular songs are just not possible to use without a full complement of musicians. 


loop a song section easily whenever you want with either the keyboard, mobile app, or a foot controller.


Fly lets you create as many versions of a song as you like. Fly gives you much more flexibility than any other worship band software!

Jump to...

Fly allows you to dynamically change the arrangement by using ‘jump keys’ to go to a specific verse, chorus, bridge or ending.


Use Fly’s unique dynamics function to fade out or fade back in instruments on demand. 

Key or Tempo

Fly’s advanced functionality allows you to change the key to suit your voice and the tempo to your preference.


Fly allows you to import your own audio multitracks created by you or sourced from other providers.


Fly has very advanced lyric projection capability including image backgrounds, video loops and audio sensitive plugins!

Foot Pedal

Use our optional foot pedals with either 3 or 8 programmable functions to allow you to get the most from Fly. 

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