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loop a song section easily whenever you want by with either the keyboard or foot controller.
Song Arrangements
Fly let’s you create as many versions of a song as you like. Fly gives you much more flexibility than any other worship band software!
Advanced projection 
Fly has very advanced lyric projection capability including image backgrounds, video loops and audio sensitive plugins!
Customize the Key or Tempo
Fly’s advanced functionality allows you to change the key to suit your voice and the tempo to your preference.
Use Fly’s unique dynamics function to fade out or fade back in instruments on demand. 
Jump to Verse, Chorus, Bridge or End
Fly allows you to dynamically change the arrangement by using ‘jump keys’ to go to a specific verse, chorus, bridge or ending.
Foot Pedal
Use our optional foot pedals with either 3 or 8 programmable functions to allow you to get the most from Fly.
Import MultiTracks from other sources
Purchase songs from our growing library or upload your own multi-tracks*
Choose from nearly 1000 songs in our library!

Get the best worship band software available!

All these great features together with 700 Fly Original Super High quality multitracks in 3 keys